Businesses use various types of vehicles, e.g. cars, trucks, buses etc. to get around their premises

  • 7 marca, 2022
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Their transportation needs vary from short-term to long-term and they need the reliability that comes with having a car available at any time.

With the rising car prices, people are choosing the electric and hybrid vehicles. But the problem with these vehicles is that they are not very reliable.

On a recent trip to Sydney, I found myself surrounded by friends I had not seen for over six months. The conversations were about business and travel. Of course, not all of us worked in the same industries or fields but we were all interested in exploring a different aspect of our business. As the group discussed the benefits of walking to work each day, we realised that given the opportunity, most people would be happy to leave their cars behind and walk from one end of Australia to another.

The whole crew was very excited when they saw that I had an Audi A3 Q5 SUV which they assumed was me driving around Melbourne every day!

I have always been interested in cars. We have a supercar in my collection and my dream car is a Ferrari 458 Italia (in reality it’s a BMW.

There is a lot of money just waiting for you to buy a car. You have to choose carefully and allocate the time for it.

Companies are struggling with costs, expenses and the ever-increasing transportation costs. It’s time for them to think about their car fleet and what they can get out of it. The aim of this part is to make sure that people are aware of how transport options in their city or country vary.

Handing in into a car, driving and parking it, as well as handling it after filling up the tank or taking a break are all part of owning a car – something we must face every day but which doesn’t necessarily feel like work. Cars need maintenance too and there are ways to do so while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving safety. Even though different cars require different maintenance works depending on the type that you have chosen to own, the idea here is to bring together some basic tips on how you